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Instructor Recruitment Announcement



  • 海外の家庭料理教室の講師

  • 教室の雰囲気は以下のURLのブログをご参照下さい(とても楽しい雰囲気で行っております。)



  • ご自身のご自宅 (食材の買い出しもお願いしております。)

  • 東急田園都市線 桜新町駅付近のスタジオ


  • アルバイト


  • アルバイト:教室開催ごとに固定給

  • ​金額:別途お問い合わせ下さい、ホームページ上に公開できないため直接お伝えさせて頂きます


  • 勤務日数:月に1回や2〜3ヶ月に1回などご自身のペースや教室のニーズに合わせて調整可能です。

  • 勤務時間:1回の教室は約4時間です。(料理の工程等により多少前後する可能性がございます。)

  • 曜日:現在は土日を中心に教室開催が可能な方を募集しております。

  • メニュー数:通常、毎回4品のメニューを教えて頂いております。

  • レシピの作成もお願いしております。


  • 英語または日本語



  • 日本以外の何らかの国の料理を教えることが出来る。

  • 求められる料理のレベルは家庭料理のレベルでOKです。決して料理のプロである必要はなく、現在も主婦や若い学生さんなどにも勤務頂いております。

Global Kitchen Studio is currently looking for new instructors for our cooking classes. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested. We also welcome teacher referrals. If you have any requests such as "I want to learn the cuisine of this country! please do not hesitate to contact us.

"Application Guidelines"
Job Description 

  • Instructor of home cooking class

  • Please refer to the blog at the following URL for the atmosphere of the classroom. (We have a very fun atmosphere.)
    Click here for the blog

Place of work (you can choose either style) 

  • Your own home (We also ask that you purchase food items.)

  • Studios near Sakurashinmachi Station on the Tokyu Denentoshi Line

Employment Type

  • Part-time job

Salary Type

  • Part-time: Fixed salary per class

  • Amount of salary: Please inquire separately. We will inform you directly as we cannot publish it on our website.


  • Working days: Once a month or once every two to three months, etc., can be adjusted to suit your pace and the needs of the classroom. Once every six months, etc. is acceptable.

  • Working hours: One class lasts approximately 4 hours. (It may be slightly longer or shorter depending on the cooking process, etc.)

  • Days of the week: We are currently looking for people who can hold classes mainly on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Number of menus : You will make about 4 dishes each time.

  • We also ask that you prepare recipes.


  • English or Japanese

How to apply

Requirements for Instructors

  • Applicants must be able to teach the cuisine of some country other than Japan.

  • The level of cooking required is home cooking level. You do not need to be a professional cook. We have housewives and young students working with us.

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